3 Cars collide in Southern California due to teenage females driving a stolen vehicle

A three-car incident in South Los Angeles on Sunday night resulted from a stolen vehicle police pursuit involving two teenage girls, leaving two people hospitalized.

According to LAPD South Traffic Division Sgt. Kevin Ahlemeir of the LAPD, the incident began at 6:15 p.m. when officers saw a stolen white Kia driving on Obama Boulevard.

The suspect driver refused to yield and led police on a chase when they tried to conduct an enforcement stop.

The adolescent motorist struck a white Chevrolet U-Haul pickup truck and a BMW in the crossroads as she approached La Brea Avenue.

All of the cars in the area had significant damage, according to footage. The impact of the collision pulled the pickup truck’s hood open, severely damaging the front end. Both of the BMW’s windows were blown out on the driver’s side, which was forced inward.

The Kia also had frontend damage, and the contact caused the airbags to deploy in each of the cars.

With only minor wounds, the drivers of the pickup truck and the BMW were both transported to the hospital.

Sgt. Ahlemeir told  that the juveniles were both taken into custody at the scene of the crash, though it is unclear if they suffered any injuries in the event.


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