A man was shot and killed at a busy junction close to Tampa; authorities are looking for the perpetrator

The identity of the gunman who killed a man on Monday at a New Tampa junction is still a mystery to detectives.

A man who works nearby stated, “Once we realize it’s gunfire, you don’t just run out to see what’s going on because bullets don’t have a name on them.”

For the majority of people in New Tampa, the day started out normally, but it soon descended into anarchy.

“They were trying to perform CPR, but people started showing in from all directions. There was someone who wasn’t afraid everywhere. The witness stated, “They came out and you could tell people were concerned.”

Near Regents Park Drive and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, a busy intersection that was cordoned off with crime scene tape, a white Mercedes with yellow evidence markers was discovered.

Kyle Prisco has been named as the victim by friends and family. The sheriff’s department declared that they are committed to apprehending the offender.

He was discovered dead in the road by deputies. That’s also what the caller said. Once more, terribly regrettable. Phil Martello, a spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, stated, “We’re trying to seek justice for this.”

There are still many people in New Tampa who are astonished by the shooting’s time and location.

“We just start hearing gunfire in the middle of the day, around three in the afternoon. Sadly, we come outside when we hear tires spinning and discover that someone has died,” a witness remarked.

Given that the shooting took place in a crowded area, the HCSO stated that no tip is too minor. The number to contact if you have any information about the event is 813-247-8200.

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