A Mother from New Jersey has been charged of killing her 2 small children

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office declared on Wednesday that a mother in New Jersey has been charged with murder in connection with the deaths of her two small children.

The 27-year-old Lakewood Township resident Naomi Elkins is charged with the murders of her 1- and 3-year-old children.

She stabbed the one-year-old, according to investigators, then drowned the two kids.

Elkins said in court that she had been experiencing “concerning thoughts” prior to the murder.

At 4:50 p.m. on Tuesday, Lakewood Township police were called to a residence on Shenandoah Drive in reference to two children who were reportedly experiencing cardiac arrest. The officers tried, but were unable, to save the children’s lives.

At the scene, they were both declared deceased.

The family’s apartment is located in the home’s basement. At the time, Elkins’s spouse was abroad on a business trip.

Elkins acknowledged the charges against her when she stood before a judge on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the family’s neighbors, many of whom are Orthodox Jews, they moved in a few months ago.

They informed us of a meeting that took place on Tuesday night featuring a rabbi and interventionists from Chai Lifeline, a nationwide interfaith and trauma support group.

“I was in shock when I learned about the story. “I couldn’t reconcile it in a way that made sense,” stated Yehoshua Brodsky, the Chai Lifeline PA/NJ Region’s Director of Family Services.

According to Brodsky, assisting families in coming to terms with what had happened and collaborating with the victims’ closest relatives came first.

“We’ve been very involved directly with the family, both in terms of immediate family members, siblings, grandparents cousins and all of those that were impacted,” Brodsky stated.

According to Brodsky, they receive over thirty calls every hour from people looking for support or advice on how to handle or interact with their kids in light of this occurrence.

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