A San Jose woman is charged with fatally stabbing a man

During what is being called a disturbance, a woman from San Jose who is 28 years old is suspected of intentionally stabbing a guy to death.

This information comes from the San Jose Police Department, which reports that on Sunday, officers got a call to 911 reporting a guy who was bleeding and not breathing in the vicinity of North 17th and East Santa Clara streets.

At approximately 11:19 in the morning, law enforcement officers arrived at the location and discovered the victim suffering from at least one stab wound.

There was a possibility that the victim was involved in a disturbance, according to the person who called 911.

“The suspect ran away from the scene.”

The homicide unit of the police department started looking into the killing of the man, and they found that Sylvia Ortega was the one responsible for the death.

A video that the police say shows suspect Bionca Ellis wandering around with a knife before she allegedly stabbed a youngster outside of a Giant Eagle store has been released by the police.

On Wednesday, Ortega was taken into custody and placed into the Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of murder related to the incident.

The details surrounding the occurrence, as well as the motivation behind it, are still being investigated. It has not been disclosed by the authorities whether or not the victim and Ortega knew each other.

At this moment, the identify of the victim will not be made public whatsoever.

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