A woman died after being attacked by a dog, according to cops in Baltimore

According to the Baltimore police department, a woman reportedly passed away on Friday night after being attacked by dogs in the city.

According to an email statement from a police spokeswoman, preliminary evidence suggested that a 50-year-old woman passed away from injuries sustained in an attack by two stray pit bulls.

According to the brief statement, officers responded to a report of a dog bite at approximately 9 p.m. by going to the 2000 block of N. Pulaski Street.

Officers “were informed” upon arrival that the three victims had been attacked by stray pit bulls, and the 50-year-old woman had “succumbed to her injuries,” according to the statement.

Regarding the other two victims’ conditions, nothing was known.

As a result of the rounds fired by two cops, the police said that one dog was injured.

It was reported by the police that both dogs were taken into custody by the police as well as the animal control department of the city.

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