Charges against a guy who killed 14 women in Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s include killing a woman in Utah

Authorities stated this week that a man who killed 14 women in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1998 has been charged with killing a second lady in Utah.

Chester Turner, 57, killed 14 people in a several-mile radius along Figueroa Street south of the 10 Freeway. He is presently serving a state prison sentence in California. One of the victims was pregnant, and the most of the victims were homeless women or sex workers.

At one point, the majority of his victims were allegedly raped by him, and the prosecution referred to him as the city’s most prolific serial murderer.

Turner was charged with Itisha Camp’s murder on Friday, according to the Salt Lake City District Attorney’s Office. Three minors discovered Itisha Camp’s body at the rear of a shop on September 24, 1998. As with the majority of Turner’s victims in Los Angeles, prosecutors claim she was strangled to death.

According to Utah authorities, DNA evidence connected Turner and Camp’s murder. They claimed that in 1998, Turner broke his parole from California for auto theft and drug sales, and he fled to Utah.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill stated, “It must have been extremely difficult for Ms. Camp’s family and loved ones over the last 25 years, not knowing if the suspect in her murder was still out in the public.” “With the defendant already incarcerated, we hope that the filing of this charge provides some comfort to Ms. Camp’s loved ones and our community as a whole.”

Turner was found guilty in April 2007 on ten charges of first-degree murder; for the other four deaths, he was found guilty and given the death penalty in 2014. He is currently appealing those four killings.

Turner was first found guilty of killing:

  • — 21-year-old Diane Johnson, discovered deceased in March 1987;
  • — the 26-year-old Annette Ernest, who passed away in October 1987;
  • — 31-year-old Anita Fishman, who was killed in January 1989;
  • — Washington, 27, who was killed in when clearly pregnant

September of 1989;

  • — 29-year-old Desarae Jones, who passed away in May 1993;
  • — Andrea Tripplett, 29, of South Los Angeles, who was strangled on April 2, 1993


  • Natalie Price, 31, whose body was discovered on February 12, 1995, outside of a residence;
  • Mildred Beasley, 45, whose corpse was discovered on November 6, 1996, in a field;
  • Paula Vance, 38, was suffocated on February 3, 1998, among the commission of a rape that was captured on shaky surveillance footage in black and white video recording on which the attacker’s face is obscured; and

Brenda Bries, 37, was discovered deceased on April 6, 1998, in the Skid Row vicinity.

Turner was within 30 blocks of each of the deaths; Bries’s body was found 50 yards from his residence in downtown Los Angeles at the time of the discovery.

DNA test results connected him to the strangulations after he was apprehended and found guilty of raping a woman on Skid Row in 2002.

In 2014, he was found guilty of the murders of Elandra Bunn, 33, in June 1987; Deborah Williams, 28 years old, in November 1992; Mary Edwards, 42, in December 1992; and Cynthia Annette Johnson, 30, in Watts, in February 1997.

It was unclear at first whether or when he would be sent to Utah to answer to the most recent murder accusation.


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