Jocelyn Nungaray Timeline: Two are accused of killing a 12-year-old girl after her body was discovered

Following the discovery of a 12-year-old girl’s body in a swamp by Houston police, two roommates have been charged with capital murder.

During a press conference on June 20, Houston police Lieutenant Stephen Hope stated that Jocelyn Nungaray’s body was found by a resident on the morning of June 17. According to a police news release, the small child died from strangulation, citing the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

According to the announcement, on June 20, police detained Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel, 22, and Franklin Pen̂a, 26, at the apartment where they shared a room…

“During the press conference, I spoke with Jocelyn’s mother, Alexis, and she has been very brave, but she is still devastated,” interim Houston police chief Larry J. Satterwhite revealed. “Her little girl is gone.”

What we know about the case is as follows.

How is Jocelyn Nungaray doing?

Jocelyn was murdered three or four hours after she met Peña and Martinez-Rangel, according to Hope.The lieutenant said, “The roommates met the little girl as they were leaving a restaurant together on Tuesday evening.”..

Peña and Martinez-Rangel allegedly asked Jocelyn, who broke out of her family’s residence that night, for instructions, the Houston Chronicle claimed, citing prosecutors After that, the three strolled to a 7-Eleven convenience store and crossed a bridge, according to Hope.

The lieutenant reported Jocelyn was slain after they arrived at the bridge. Prosecutors said that Peña and Martinez-Rangel chained her hands together, attacked her, and then strangled her to death, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

The two guys left Jocelyn’s body at the bridge and returned to their apartment, according to Hope.

“I want them to get hit by karma. I’m upset. They exploited her. She is really young. She is twelve. Alexis Nungaray said to KPRC 2, “I want justice,” prior to Peña and Martinez-Rangel’s apprehension.”They removed my infant.”

Police are able to identify Franklin Peña and Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel thanks to surveillance footage

Police in Houston made public surveillance images from the 7-Eleven at Peña and Martinez-Rangel…

Police were able to identify Peña and Martinez-Rangel after community members submitted tips and witnesses came forward after the photographs were released, according to Hope…

At the press briefing, Satterwhite stated, “We were able to find video and trace the movements of our suspects and of Jocelyn.” “We asked for the public’s help and the public came through.”

Franklin Peña and Johan Jose Martinez-Rangel get $10 million bail from the judge

Following their charges of capital murder, a Harris County judge set bail of $10 million for Peña and Martinez-Rangel, according per court documents..

Martinez-Rangel appeared in court the following day, following Peña’s appearance on Monday.Court records indicate that neither man will appear in court again until September.

John Whitmire, the mayor of Houston, stated that neither Peña nor Martinez-Rangel should be granted bail prior to the two men’s bonds being set…

“The charges have been filed, now we want the justice system to do its job,” Whitmire stated. “If there was ever a circumstance where you do not give someone bail, this is it.”

Franklin PenÃa is at fault JohaJose Martinez-Rangel for the death of Jocelynh

The Houston Chronicle said that during Penʂa’s original statement to police that he had kissed Jocelyn, Martinez-Rangel was held responsible for other aspects of the assault and Jocelyn’s murder, according to Harris County Assistant District Attorney Megan Long during the bond hearing on Monday…

According to the Houston-based site, Peña allegedly requested his supervisor at a construction company for money to help him move out of Houston after someone discovered Jocelyn’s body.The prosecution continued, “The boss did not assist and instead called the police.”

Martinez-Rangel acknowledged tying Jocelyn’s legs and giving Pen̂a the order to dispose of her body in the nearby stream in order to remove DNA, according to prosecutors at the latter’s bond hearing, KPRC 2 said. Martinez-Rangel shaved off his facial hair to supposedly prevent discovery when he appeared in court, the TV station reported. He looked to have bite or scratch scars on his arms.

Martinez-Rangel’s phone was also accessible to detectives, revealing that he had looked into ways to leave the nation. Both he and Peña are native to Venezuela.

Prosecutors said Martinez-Rangel is the father of two and five-year-old children and has no prior criminal history, as reported by KPRC 2.

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