San Jose police officer injured is discharged from the hospital

A San Jose police officer who was shot during a shootout last month and suffered critical injuries was discharged from the hospital.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center released Officer Jaime Arredondo on Friday. Wheelchair-using police officers in San Jose clapped as he emerged. This occurred around a month after Arredondo was seriously hurt in a firefight at a hotel in the Santa Teresa area of San Jose.

“This recuperation will be easier for him than it may be for someone else because of his strength and character. But there’s no doubt. He was really hurt, and he’s recuperating from them, according to acting San Jose police chief Paul Joseph.

On May 2, a hotel clerk called on behalf of a mother who reported a man she recognized was at her door, and San Jose police officers responded.

Authorities said that a bodycam image captured them addressing suspect Kevin Briones, 33, in the hotel’s third-floor corridor. Briones allegedly shot at policemen at that point after reaching into a duffel bag and removing a stolen firearm.

Officer Joseph Derocshes was one of the two injured cops in the incident; he was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries and was discharged shortly after. Arredondo was in the hospital for the last five weeks getting better.

Briones was wanted on two arrest warrants and has a lengthy criminal past.

Three kids and a mother were reported by the police to be in the hotel room. The stolen gun that Briones was carrying was intended for them, according to Joseph at the time.

He declared, “These officers went out there that day, willing to risk everything for people they don’t even know.”

As Arredondo walked out of the hospital, San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan shook his hand. On Friday evening, Mahan posted the following statement on social media:

“Welcome home, Officer!

Officer Arredondo saved a mother and her children last month, sacrificing his own safety to protect the community. 5 weeks and 3 surgeries later, he’s on the road to recovery. Let’s keep him in our thoughts and prayers as he heals and returns to service.

Thanks @SanJosePD for all you do — we are grateful.”

Joseph stated that the May incident brought to light the city’s problems with illegal gun ownership and the violence that police officers deal with. He also mentioned that in the previous fifteen months, 12 policemen had been fired at, five of whom were hit by gunfire.

According to Joseph, they are collaborating with law enforcement partners on a study. He revealed to NBC Bay Area that Arrendondo frequently expresses his eagerness to return and defend the people of San Jose.

Joseph stated, “To find out why we’ve been the target of so many violent assaults here in San Jose, especially with firearms.”

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