Sky High: According to authorities, a couple traveled from Los Angeles to Chicago with 62 pounds of cocaine

A federal law enforcement task group intercepted a lady from Indianapolis and her companion who had carried nearly 62 pounds of cocaine on a flight from Los Angeles to Midway Airport last week.

A statement from the Drug Enforcement Administration stated that as some investigators approached the couple in the baggage claim area, another group took their luggage.

According to the agency, 31 pounds of suspected cocaine were discovered in luggage that Chania Logan, 27, of Indianapolis, had claimed. When agents attempted to speak with the man, he fled, and he is still at large. However, two suitcases he left behind are said to contain over 31 pounds of cocaine, according to officials.

Logan is accused of possessing a controlled substance with the intent to distribute it and of trafficking in controlled substances in state court.

She is to be placed under electronic surveillance while awaiting trial, under Judge William Fahy’s ruling. Logan will stay in the county jail until she finds a local address or a different court lifts the ban on electronic monitoring, as defendants are not allowed to be under electronic monitoring outside of Cook County.

Logan is not the only individual who has been accused of bringing significant quantity of drugs onto aircraft to Midway.

A 55-year-old man was accused in October with allegedly having 62 pounds of cocaine in his luggage at Midway, and the stash was valued at $3,518,125 on the black market. Next month, Terrence Slaughter, the accused, is expected to go through a bench trial.

Two guys who, while traveling from Los Angeles, also brought 44 pounds of cocaine into the airport were each given a 12-year prison term last month. Investigators are said to have been informed by one of the men that they were paid to travel with the suitcase to Chicago.


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