US Marshals and several other organizations are looking for suspects in Harrison County who might be dangerous

In the Harrison County town of Leesburg, U.S. Marshals and several other agencies are looking for two possibly dangerous suspects.

Nathan Ginter, 43, is being sought after by several authorities, according to the Georgetown Police.

Ginter is allegedly wanted out of South Carolina on allegations of child abuse and nonattendance.

The sister station of WKYT, WIS, in Columbia, South Carolina, reports that Ginter was found guilty last week of engaging in criminal conduct toward a child due to his long-term physical abuse of his little daughter. After he did not appear in court for his own trial, the U.S. Marshals and other law enforcement organizations began their search for him.

It is thought that Ginter is armed.

Riley Pearson, 32, a South Carolina native, is another person they are searching for since it is thought that he is with Ginter and assisting him.

Ginter and Pearson have been sleeping at the Hidden Lake Farm Campground in Harrison County for a few weeks, according to Marlon Stewart, the campground’s owner.

He claims they appeared really cordial and paid with cash. Until Monday night, when the US Marshals’ Office arrived, he gave them little thought.

Stewart said that on Tuesday morning, Marshals attempted to get in touch with the couple. Stewart, however, claims that because of their failure, the two managed to flee.

This search was initiated, according to Georgetown police, when they saw Ginter earlier this afternoon.

This search has involved numerous agencies, including the U.S. Marshals, Kentucky State Police, Georgetown Police, Lexington Police, Paris Police, and Cynthiana Police.

KSP is asking anyone who spots these two to give them a call at 859-428-1212.

Residents in the vicinity are being urged by the Kentucky State Police to lock their houses and cars and, if at all feasible, remain indoors.

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