Within 20 minutes,2 distinct shootings in Northwest Washington, DC, left 3 people wounded

According to Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officials, two distinct shootings were reported in northwest D.C. within 20 minutes on Tuesday evening, injuring three persons.

Officers were called to the 4000 block of Kansas Avenue, Northwest, at 4:23 p.m. due to reports of gunfire. Officers reported that upon arrival, they discovered a guy with gunshot wounds.

According to information obtained by 7News, the man was not breathing and was unconscious when the police arrived. Officials said he had life-threatening injuries and was transferred to a hospital.

Numerous photos of the individual wanted in this incident have been made public by the police.

Authorities are requesting that people keep an eye out for a man who was last seen on a black and white motorized scooter. He is dressed in a black ski mask, a tan hooded sweatshirt, and black jeans.

Please text a tip to 50411 or give 202-727-9099 if you have any information.

Then, at 13th Street and Colorado Avenue Northwest, authorities received a call about another gunfire twenty minutes later.

There, they discovered a woman who may have had a graze wound and a male who had been hurt in the shooting.

At the time, Alvaro Angel was renovating his house and had to dodge bullets.

Angel reported, “I heard about seven or nine gunshots.” “[I dropped] on the floor because it’s dangerous for everybody.”

Two possible groups of three men who were shooting at each other are being sought after by the police. On Georgia Avenue NW, they were last observed traveling south.

At least two automobiles had their windows blasted out when 7News arrived on the scene.

Alonzo Robinson has one of such vehicles.

“[My niece] informed me that the windows were shot out. Saying, “Who are they?” Robinson stated, “She mentioned they started shooting around here.” “I stopped over to see how my niece was doing, and she seemed to be doing fine. It is regrettable that this occurred. We are limited to praying.”

Robinson claimed that the fact that these shootings took place during the day made them audacious.

“You can be certain that it will occur at night if it occurred during the day. At night, you’re in trouble,” Robinson remarked. “Your head has got to be on a swivel, just keep it real.”

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