Woman pushed into oncoming BART train at Powell Station dies! suspect arrested

According to BART police, a suspect in the woman’s death at Powell Street Station on Monday night has been taken into custody.

A Millbrae-bound train was said to have pushed the 74-year-old woman, causing her to tumble to the platform and smash her head on the train. After being brought to the hospital, she passed away.

Her family has given her the name Corazon Dandan. Her nephew verified that she was employed as a phone operator at the Marriott and that she had been commuting along this route for the last forty years. Her family, he says, is “devastated.”

“We determined that the suspect approached the victim as a train was arriving at the station and pushed the victim towards the train causing the victim to collide with the train,” according to BART Police Chief Kevin Franklin.

According to Chief Franklin, his officers were on the site in four minutes, and they had the subject taken into custody eight minutes later.

A transient male, 49 years old, has been recognized as the suspect.

According to authorities, this is the first murder on the BART system for the year.

Shortly after the incident, BART PD detained the suspect on the Powell Street Station platform. According to jail booking files, he was charged with murder and elder abuse and taken into San Francisco County Jail.

A number of regular BART users are now pushing the city to take further steps to improve safety.

“I’ve received verbal abuse. BART rider Ana Showers stated, “I’ve witnessed other people being verbally harassed and I know that the BART police are here, and we see them doing what they should be doing, but it’s not enough.” “I’m always carrying a weapon on me.”

An unidentified BART staff member stated that there is a significant change in the Powell Street Station at night.

“At night, it simply becomes a new animal. A great deal of activity is occurring. Fights occur. There are shooting incidents and break-ins. “The city is no longer safe,” the staff member declared.

This incident, according to Chief Franklin, does not reflect BART.

“We’ve worked very hard to make BART the safest way to travel around the Bay Area and this incident is not representative of a typical day at BART but we always tell people to look at their surroundings,” stated Chief Frankin.

Numerous witnesses stayed back to assist, according to BART police, and detectives are still trying to figure out why the victim was killed.

While the case is being investigated by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, no charges have been brought as of yet. (1)

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