4 School districts in New Jersey are eliminating over 50 jobs

Nothing is more crucial than having a quality education as you get older and having qualified teachers give it to you.

Mr. Moore, my science teacher in middle school, was among the greatest educators I’ve ever had.

I ended up in radio because I was never really interested in STEM studies, but he always managed to make science engaging for the entire class.

It is so upsetting to learn that school districts throughout the Garden State will soon be implementing significant budget cuts, particularly since this is the case.

Four New Jersey counties are significantly reducing their workforce.
According to NJ.com, the Hazlet Township School District, Matawan Aberdeen Regional, Red Bank Regional, and Upper Township School District have all made 62 personnel reductions.

These reductions seem to be a component of the new budget, which has a very diverse impact on different school districts.

While some schools must make budget adjustments, others receive increased funding.

According to NJ.com, other institutions have also recently forced to make cuts.

Asbury Park School District is laying down about 27 teaching positions and personnel, South Orange Maplewood is slashing 28 positions, and FreeholdRegional has been forced to lay off 39 teachers and staff.

Hearing statements like this is very annoying; teachers should be paid more than anyone else for their work.

They give back so much to our communities, yet it seems that when money is short, they are among the first to lose their jobs.

Despite everything, Jersey is still a great area for you to raise a family.

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