Celebrations for July 4th turn deadly when a man goes on a terrifying stabbing rampage in a California city

On July Fourth, in a seaside city in California, a guy attacked several individuals, killing two and wounding three more.

On July 4, at about 11 p.m., Huntington Beach police received a call reporting that a guy was stabbing individuals close to 16th Street and Pecan Avenue. There, a sizable gathering of neighbors and family members had assembled to view the fireworks.

According to witness Deandre Adams, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times, a male passenger got out of the car when the woman approached the gathering and started stabbing individuals on the sidewalk. Two of the males in the group charged the assailant and gave him a hard tackle. They restrained him until the police showed up.

The scene revealed “several victims with significant injuries,” according to ABC7, when police arrived.

Five persons were discovered with stab wounds, according to Huntington Beach Fire Department first responders. However, police have not disclosed the nature of the weapon used in the incident.

Three victims were transferred to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, while two victims passed away at the spot. As of the time this article was published, the victims’ identities were unknown.

One of the deceased victims was a friend of Adams’, and he informed the Times that the man was engaged and getting married in September.

According to Adams, the woman who was operating the vehicle, the man who stabbed the victims, and a third man who might have been a passenger were all taken into custody by the police.

Adams informed the Times that the driver of the vehicle seemed surprised by what had happened, but none of the suspects have been named as of yet.

Out of the three individuals detained, just one is still being held. At this point, the police have not indicated if they are being investigated for any crimes or if they are a suspect.

Whether or if the suspect was related to the victims is still a matter of investigation for the investigators.

A city spokesman, Jennifer Carey, told ABC7 that “the nature of how this happened, the events leading up to it, what transpired during, that’s all part of the investigation and we hope to have more details further on.”

Following the suspect’s arrest, police stated that there was no longer a threat to the public.

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