Locals react to revelation of former President Trump labeling Milwaukee a ‘horrible’ city

Donald Trump, the former president, allegedly referred to Milwaukee as a “horrible” city on Thursday.

His campaign responded by claiming he was making reference to voter fraud and the high rate of violent crime in the city.

TMJ4 went door-to-door to get firsthand feedback from Milwaukee residents, and we did just that.

We made a sign instead of just asking to see if his statement would cause a stir and spark conversation.

It’s simply an ordinary city. Omar Jaime stated, “People are just really terrified of the narratives that are being pushed.”

“He will be visiting us in a few weeks. Therefore, if he truly believes he should be president, I think it takes an awful lot of stupidity to say something that terrible before he’s coming,” Dorsey remarked.

“I adore this region of the globe. It has greatly influenced who I am now, thus it is completely untrue for someone to argue that this is a terrible place. It’s a great city, not a bad one,” Johnson remarked.

Elaine Rojas-Castillo asked everyone who would stop to share their ideas for almost two hours in the center of the Third Ward.

Though one individual who saw our placard disagreed with Jaime, Dorsey, and Johnson, the majority did not.

“We took this from his words,” said ERC.

MAN: “Please show me the entire exchange.”

ERC: “If you would like, we can get the clip for you.”

MAN: “I know how to look it up.”

Saying that he doesn’t think Trump could have said this, he accuses the media of misrepresenting his remarks.

ERC: “So, what comes to mind when you see something like this?”

MAN: “Not true.”

ERC: “Is it that it is, or that he said it?”

“That he didn’t say that,” MAN said.

ERC: “If it’s true that he said it, what are your thoughts on this?”

MAN: “That would come as a huge surprise.”

After defecting from the Democratic Party a few years ago, he stated that he would be supporting the former president in November for the first time.

“Why? Democrats, Biden’s administration, and its policies are to blame. I’m voting for Trump because of this,” the man declared.

Dorsey expressed her gratitude that we were having this discussion and hoped that others will listen to all of the candidates and cast well-informed ballots.

It is imperative that we consider not only our personal priorities but also the needs and goals of our communities. Just remember to put the needs of others before our own, and I don’t think Trump does that, added Dorsey.


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