Officials said a man who was seeking for his keys after an incident on a roller coaster was in critical condition

According to officials, a man who was severely hurt at Kings Island last week was trying to find his keys, which he misplaced while riding the Banshee.

Officials suspect the man was slammed by the big steel inverted roller coaster at the park after he allegedly breached a restricted area near it.

We know the following.

What took place on Kings Island?

A press release from the park stated that the man entered a restricted area near the Banshee roller coaster at approximately 8 p.m. on Wednesday.

The individual was “believed to have been struck by the ride,” according to a statement provided by Kings Island officials to the Cincinnati Enquirer, while he was behind the walls of the restricted area.

What wounds did the man sustain in the collision on Kings Island?

Authorities at Kings Island contacted dispatchers, requesting that they send paramedics to the roller coaster in response to a report of a “head injury,” according to documents from the Warren County Communications Center.

First responders reported that a male was found with “major head trauma,” according to dispatchers. A medical chopper took the man to West Chester Hospital and from there to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

How is the individual who was engaged in the accident on Kings Island doing?

The 38-year-old male suffered a “critical injury,” according to a news release issued by Mason police on Thursday. Although the man’s identify has not yet been made public by the police, Lt. Nathan Ketterer has confirmed that he lives in Ohio.

The man was in the forbidden area, but why?

The man was in the forbidden area, according to Ketterer, to get keys he had fallen when riding the Banshee earlier. This information was provided to The Enquirer.

Updates on the accident inquiry at Kings Island

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, which has a Division of Amusement Ride Safety and Fairs, has been alerted of the incident by Kings Island officials.

Before the ride reopens, ODA inspectors are doing a thorough re-inspection and an investigation to make sure it was functioning in accordance with Ohio law and regulations.

It’s unclear when the ride will start up again right now.

Which roller coaster was a part of the accident at Kings Island?

The tops of the seats of the Banshee are attached to the track, making it an inverted roller coaster. The Banshee is the longest steel inverted roller coaster in the world, with a top speed of 68 mph, according to the amusement park’s website.


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