Parents in New York are accused of abandoning their newborn while boating on the shore

Authorities in the Lake George region of New York reported that a man and a woman had left their child alone while out on a boat in the lake, leading to their arrest.

The Pennsylvania State Police of Queensbury detained the 30-year-old father and the 28-year-old mother on Tuesday for allegedly “endangering the welfare of a child.” Just before 5:50 p.m. on Tuesday, the State Police said in a news release that troopers were dispatched in response to complaints of a “infant left unattended on the beach.”

The child was around five feet from the seashore when a bystander heard it wailing uncontrollably and called the police. Following an investigation, it was discovered that the baby had been left alone while the parents went lake boating for around fifteen minutes.

Baby released into family member’s care

After being placed under arrest, the parents were eventually freed upon receiving appearance tickets that needed to be returned to the Lake George Town Court by June 27.

USA TODAY was informed by a New York State Police spokeswoman that the youngster, who is younger than a year old, was not hurt and was not given back to its parents. The baby, whose gender remained unknown, was instead given to a relative.

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