The Beaches in the Bay Area draw hot residents from the interior

Many went to the seaside in search of relief as the excessive heat warning and advisory continued, causing much of the Bay Area to continue to sweat.

Pacifica experienced temperatures roughly 20 degrees lower than those in the East and South Bay, which were in the 90s.

Manish, a Hayward resident visiting Pacifica, remarked, “We were in the 90s, 98 in Hayward,” as he strolled his dog, Pluto. “I’m not spending as much time (at home) with Pluto. Only perhaps eight o’clock at night. However, I keep him inside and give him water during the day.”

To put it mildly, it has been really hot. I mean, I was raised in the Central Valley. In Fresno, I was raised. Thus, it feels just like it did during my entire childhood,” said Hershey Avula, a Lafayette-based father and husband who was in Pacifica with his family. “It feels like the air conditioning’s on (here) and we’re outside, so it feels very nice.”

On July 4th, Pacifica generally sees greater crowds, but this year’s heat wave made things even worse. There was heavy traffic on Highway 1, many people had trouble finding a parking space, and the beaches were crowded.

In addition, Frontierland Park hosted the city of Pacifica’s yearly Fourth of July event, when a large number of families took part in live entertainment, games, carnival rides, and cuisine.

The ice cream truck, Mister Softee Nor Cal, has the longest wait of all the attractions.

The Fremont-based truck driver, Eric, expressed his relief at being able to spend the day working in Pacifica.

“Oh my God, these trucks have been far too hot. Although it’s just diamond-plate floors and it gets pretty hot, we have air conditioning and other things. Although it’s a big undertaking, we can handle it,” Eric remarked. “The weather is nice, so it feels good to be here by the seaside… In terms of the business, it means everything. It’s evident that there are a lot of people there. It brings in a healthy profit for us. And we are enjoying ourselves immensely.”

A few of the younger businesspeople in Pacifica were capitalizing on the surge of vacationers. In the vicinity of their family houses, Lauren and Naya celebrated the great opening of their lemonade store.

“We decided we wanted to make money and it was hot, so people running by can get some lemonade,” Lauren explained. “Everyone heads to the beach when the temperature reaches 70 degrees, as it’s usually around 60 here. Additionally, it’s really hot outside, making everyone perspire a lot… Since it’s about 70 degrees, many people travel to Pacifica only to enjoy the beach, which they consider to be comfortable.”

Lauren and Naya both commented that the 70-degree day was “too hot” in comparison to their Pacifica experiences.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area warned the public on Thursday, and as a result, beaches throughout the Bay Area were crowded.

“Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Rodeo Beach, and Crissy Field’s East Beach parking lots are (currently) at capacity and closed to additional visitors,” the organization announced on social media. “Anyone hoping to travel to these locations should use public transit (Marin Transit/Muni) or go elsewhere in the park.”

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