Woman Swallowed by Quicksand While Taking Her Husband for a Beach Walk: “Dropped Like a Rock”

Jamie Acord reported that while strolling on a beach in Maine with her spouse, she unexpectedly found herself knee-deep in sand.

A woman’s ordinary beach day took an unexpected turn when she unexpectedly found herself ensnared in quicksand.

Jamie Acord reported that she had the encounter while strolling along Popham Beach State Park near Phippsburg, Maine, with her spouse.

She tells PEOPLE, “It was literally like I just dropped into a manhole cover.” “We’re walking along, just talking, and all of a sudden I went into the sand.”

She remembered telling her husband, “I can’t get out,” after realizing she was in waist-deep sand, according to the Associated Press.

According to Acord, “I just dropped like a rock,” NBC affiliate WCSH said. “I was there and then the next minute I wasn’t.”

She barely had a few scrapes from the sand when her husband, fortunately, hauled her out.

It was one of those situations where I wasn’t sure what to do. She tells PEOPLE, “This is something fresh that has never happened before. “And I go to that beach all the time.”

“And as soon as he pulled me out, we turned around to look to see what had occurred because we just assumed I’d fallen in an actual hole and there was nothing there,” she continues. It had a beach-like appearance. It had immediately refilled itself.”

Her clothes were coated with “wet-cement-like sand,” so she changed them later. She then made the decision to share her experience on social media to warn others, particularly those who visit the beach alone after hours.

“If the beach is clearing out, there’s only one or two people on the beach and you fall in something like that and you don’t know what to do or you can’t get out, you’re kind of stuck,” she explains.

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry’s Jim Britt, a spokesman, told the AP that Acord’s real-life encounter wasn’t something from a Hollywood production.

Britt stated, “You’re not going to go under with this supersaturated sand.”

He continued by saying that several winter storms had diverted river water to a sand area where tourists are most likely to wander, suggesting that climate change played a role in the incident. Britt stated, “The sand is saturated with water,” according to WCSH. “It’s even more precarious and incredibly simple to fall victim to.”

However, Britt claimed that if someone were to become stuck in supersaturated sand, it would be a “100 percent survivable scenario.”

He told WCSH, “The rule is stay calm.” “Recline. Make your way back.

Additionally urging people to maintain their composure was Sean Vaillancourt, the Bureau of Parks and Land’s manager of Popham Beach in Maine. He said to WFXT, “Just take your time and crawl out if you have to.” In a floating position, you can also lean forward or backward. You can move more easily the more you can spread your weight over that.”

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