Boosting Hudson Valley Communities: $260M Set for Housing Projects!

Boosting Hudson Valley Communities: $260M Set for Housing Projects!

In Albany County, two significant projects are set to receive funding. Clinton Square Studios, with a $5.4 million allocation, aims to provide a mixed-use development catering to the artistic community. This initiative includes exhibition space for artists and temporary housing for performers from the Capital Repertory Theatre.

Additionally, Colvin Avenue Apartments, with an $8.7 million investment, is poised to address housing needs while incorporating commercial space. Notably, a portion of these apartments will serve individuals experiencing homelessness, emphasizing inclusivity and social responsibility.

Moving to Dutchess County, Admiral Halsey Senior Village I is slated to receive $8.6 million, marking a crucial step in supporting senior citizens in Poughkeepsie. This phase of Admiral Halsey will offer 72 units, with half dedicated to seniors in need of supportive services.

In Rhinebeck, the Locust Hill project, backed by $5.4 million, signifies a commitment to sustainable living. With 80 apartments across four newly constructed buildings, this initiative aligns with the state’s climate goals while addressing the housing shortage.

Greene County’s Cold Spring project, receiving $10.6 million, represents a transformative endeavor. The redevelopment of a former hotel into a 56-unit workforce housing development, with 15 units designated for senior housing, revitalizes underutilized spaces in Tannersville.

Boosting Hudson Valley Communities: $260M Set for Housing Projects!

In Nassau County, Rockville Manor’s $7.5 million allocation preserves and expands an existing housing development for seniors, ensuring the continuity of vital community resources.

Putnam County’s Reservoir Place, supported by $4.6 million, transforms vacant land into a thriving community hub in Carmel. With 75 units spread across five buildings, this development expands housing options within the region.

In Suffolk County, Medford Gardens, with $13.2 million in funding, addresses the specific needs of New Yorkers aged 55 and older. This project includes 67 apartments, including 33 supportive units, emphasizing the well-being of an aging population.

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Finally, in Ulster County, Harmony Hall’s $6.6 million funding fosters a sense of community among residents aged 62 and older in New Paltz. With 51 units designed to meet the needs of senior citizens, this initiative promotes social connections and support networks within the neighborhood.

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