Inchcape Warns of Slowing Growth in 2024: A Cautionary Outlook

Inchcape Warns of Slowing Growth in 2024: A Cautionary Outlook

Inchcape, a leading car dealership, has reported a significant 24% increase in pre-tax profits, reaching £413 million for the fiscal year 2023. The positive financial performance includes a noteworthy 12% rise in sales, excluding the impact of a recent acquisition.

Despite these impressive figures, Inchcape has issued a cautious outlook for 2024, anticipating a moderation in growth and emphasizing an intensified focus on cost management in response to challenging trading conditions.

This cautious stance has triggered a 9% decline in Inchcape’s shares during Tuesday morning trading. Investors and stakeholders are closely scrutinizing the company’s strategies to navigate a potentially slowing market and sustain profitability.

Inchcape has initiated a strategic review of its UK retail business, with details remaining undisclosed. Confirming that the review is in its “initial stages,” the company is considering a possible sale of this segment.

The impact of this review extends to Bravoauto, Inchcape’s used car supermarket chain, prompting a re-evaluation of its ambitions within the vehicle lifecycle services (VLS) division.

Responding to challenges in the used car market, including supply shortages leading to price surges and subsequent value slumps, Inchcape is strategically reducing the number of bravado sites across the UK. The goal is to streamline Bravoauto to its profitable core, aligning with the broader strategy to minimize the company’s retail-only footprint.

The used car market is facing additional pressure from the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) investigation into historic car finance selling practices, initiated in January. The FCA review explores the possibility of individuals being owed compensation for overpriced car loans, following a surge in consumer complaints.

Inchcape, in its financial results, expresses anticipation for the FCA review outcomes, highlighting the potential clarity it could bring to customers, lenders, and dealers. This ongoing probe adds uncertainty to an industry already adapting to changing market dynamics.

Underlying earnings in Inchcape’s retail business, spanning the UK, Poland, and Bravado, experienced a 17% decline to £40 million in the previous year. This dip is attributed to falling prices, impacting profit margins. The company’s response involves an intensified focus on cost management to maintain a moderated short-term growth profile, considering the broader market dynamics at play.

Inchcape’s outlook for 2024 acknowledges the likelihood of another year of growth, albeit at a moderated pace. Prudent expectations for recovery in certain markets underscore the company’s commitment to navigating a landscape weaker than in previous years. The intensified focus on cost management aligns with the strategic imperative of achieving a balanced and sustainable growth trajectory.

As Inchcape celebrates a surge in profits for 2023, the cautionary tone regarding the anticipated slowdown in growth for 2024 signals a proactive approach to navigating challenges in the automotive retail sector. The strategic review of the UK retail business, coupled with adjustments to Bravoauto’s scale, reflects Inchcape’s commitment to adaptability and resilience in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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As the company awaits the outcomes of the FCA review, stakeholders will be keenly observing Inchcape’s strategies to sustain growth and profitability amidst the dynamic forces shaping the automotive industry.

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