DeSantis Makes It Illegal to Sleep on Streets or Set Up Tents in Florida

DeSantis Makes It Illegal to Sleep on Streets or Set Up Tents in Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a new law to tackle the issue of homelessness in the state. This law, called HB 1365, aims to stop homeless people from setting up tents or sleeping in public places like streets and parks.

It says that cities and counties must move these individuals to shelters or government-run camps. These places must have basic things like water, and bathrooms, and help with addiction and mental health problems.

Governor DeSantis believes that keeping the streets clear of homeless camps is important for public safety. He compared it to the chaos seen during spring break and said that the state needs to focus on what’s best for law-abiding citizens.

However, some people don’t think this law will solve the real reasons why people become homeless. They say that just moving them won’t fix the problems they face, like not having enough money, struggling with addiction, or having mental health issues.

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In Miami Beach, the city has also taken strong measures to deal with homelessness. The mayor, Steve Meiner, says that they’re a “law and order” city and have passed laws allowing police to arrest homeless people who refuse to go to shelters. He thinks it’s tough but necessary to keep order in the city.

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