Latest Quarterback News Puts Cowboys' Misstep in Spotlight

Latest Quarterback News Puts Cowboys’ Misstep in Spotlight

The Dallas Cowboys have opted to retain quarterback Trey Lance for the 2024 NFL season, committing to a substantial $4.25 million roster bonus this summer, as reported by Dallas Morning News’ Calvin Watkins. However, this decision has stirred controversy, particularly when juxtaposed against the team’s handling of the Tyron Smith situation.

Contrary to speculation about salary cap constraints, the Cowboys seem hesitant to invest in retaining Tyron Smith, the star left tackle who earned second-team All-Pro honors after an impressive 2023 season.

Despite financial concerns, the decision to retain Lance raises eyebrows as his $5.3 million cap hit for the upcoming season comes with the caveat that he is not expected to play unless Dak Prescott suffers an injury.

Critics argue that the Cowboys could have structured a more favorable deal with Tyron Smith, one that would result in a lower cap hit for the 2024 season compared to Lance’s. According to A to Z Sports’ contract projections, a two-year, $25 million deal with a Year One Cap Hit of $4.5 million could have been a viable alternative.

Further exploration into potential contract structures for Smith reveals an approach involving spreading the signing bonus across five years and incorporating an “option” year in 2025.

Latest Quarterback News Puts Cowboys' Misstep in Spotlight

This alternative deal, while potentially carrying a minimal amount of dead money over several years, could have provided a reasonable cap hit in the first year and incentives for Smith to continue playing if he remains healthy in 2024.

The article emphasizes the value of investing in a future Hall of Famer like Tyron Smith, even if concerns about his extensive injury history exist. Smith concluded the previous season as the highest-graded pass-protecting tackle in the NFL, playing 13 games and showcasing his skills against top-tier competition.

The argument is made that, if financial constraints are not the primary obstacle, retaining a player of Smith’s caliber is a wise move.

Questions are raised about the sincerity of the Cowboys’ promises to go all-in, given their decision not to pursue a potentially cost-effective deal with Tyron Smith. With free agency looming and Smith’s future uncertain, the team risks leaving a significant void at the left tackle position for Dak Prescott’s offense.

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The juxtaposition of financial choices highlights the complexity of roster management and the delicate balance between investing in the future and valuing proven, elite talent in the present. As the offseason progresses, the repercussions of the Cowboys’ decision-making may become more evident, especially if they fail to secure a reliable left tackle to protect their star quarterback.

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