Report suggests Texans want to bring back veteran running back for 2024 season

Texans Eye Return of Star Running Back for 2024 Season

The Houston Texans are actively preparing for the 2024 offseason, with a keen focus on retaining key players for their roster. Among the 29 pending free agents, one name prominently stands out—Devin Singletary, the veteran running back who played a crucial role in rejuvenating the Texans’ rushing game during the latter part of the 2023 season.

Facing challenges in the running game throughout the 2023 season, the Texans found a glimmer of hope in Devin Singletary. As the primary back towards the end of the season, Singletary showcased his skills, accumulating an impressive 898 rushing yards and scoring four rushing touchdowns.

His contributions significantly impacted the team’s success and have become a focal point for the Texans’ offseason strategy.

Renowned NFL insider Aaron Wilson, reporting on KPCR 2, has provided insights into the Texans’ plans. Wilson’s credible sources indicate that the Texans are actively exploring options to re-sign Singletary for the 2024 season. In a league where successful running backs are highly sought after, the Texans’ interest in retaining Singletary underscores their commitment to fortifying their ground game.

With 29 free agents on the roster, the Texans face the challenging task of navigating the complexities of the offseason. While some players may demand higher salaries, the team recognizes the importance of retaining key contributors like Singletary, who played a vital role in salvaging the rushing game toward the end of the 2023 season.

Singletary’s impact on the team is evident in his impressive statistics. Amassing 898 rushing yards and scoring four rushing touchdowns, he proved instrumental in keeping the Texans competitive. As the team looks ahead to the 2024 season, securing Singletary’s services remains a high priority.

Aaron Wilson’s report goes beyond a singular focus on Singletary. It suggests that the Texans are exploring the possibility of signing multiple running backs, indicating a strategic approach to building a versatile and dynamic running game for the upcoming season.

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The next phase in this process involves negotiations and contract talks. While the Texans express a strong desire to bring Singletary back, the intricacies of the negotiations will depend on various factors. These factors include Singletary’s performance, market value, and the team’s overall financial strategy for the offseason.

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