Trump Family Boosts Funds for Ohio's Bernie Moreno, Aiming to MAGA-fy the Senate

Trump Family Boosts Funds for Ohio’s Bernie Moreno, Aiming to MAGA-fy the Senate

In a strategic move that could shape the Senate’s political landscape, Donald Trump’s family, spearheaded by Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, is actively raising funds for Bernie Moreno, an Ohio Republican endorsed by the former president.

This effort comes as a pivotal step to secure MAGA loyalists in key Senate positions and influence the balance of power in the upcoming elections. The Trumps are set to host a fundraiser in Palm Beach, Florida, underlining their political and financial influence in Ohio, a state where Trump previously secured victories by an 8-point margin.

The fundraiser event, organized by Guilfoyle and anti-woke financier Omeed Malik, boasts a strategic lineup featuring Ohio’s sole Republican senator J.D. Vance, potential Trump running mates such as former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and Florida congressman Byron Donalds.

This orchestrated effort aims to garner substantial support for Bernie Moreno’s candidacy and underscores the family’s commitment to shaping the political landscape in Ohio.

Bernie Moreno’s recent polling data suggests a 10-point lead over his closest rival, Matt Dolan, attributing this advantage to the coveted Trump endorsement. However, with 27% of Republican voters still undecided, the race remains fluid.

Trump Family Boosts Funds for Ohio's Bernie Moreno, Aiming to MAGA-fy the Senate

The success of Guilfoyle and Malik in raising over $200,000 for the event emphasizes their fundraising prowess and the Trump family’s ability to mobilize financial support not only for the former president but also for key Senate races across the nation.

Despite Moreno’s polling lead, the road ahead poses challenges, especially if he secures victory in the Republican primary. Early polls indicate a tough battle against incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown, who currently leads Moreno by 2%. Ohio, viewed as a crucial pick-up opportunity for Republicans, holds significant weight in determining the Senate’s future.

Moreno’s candidacy is not without controversy, as attack ads from rivals label him as too liberal for the Republican base, pointing out that Ohio already has one “liberal” Bernie – a reference to Bernie Sanders. Additionally, Moreno’s past tweets, now deleted, criticized Trump as a “fake Republican,” adding complexity to the dynamics within the Republican landscape.

Interestingly, despite Moreno’s past criticisms, his daughter Emily is married into Trump’s world. Her husband, Max Miller, a Republican congressman and former White House aide, introduces familial ties into the intricate political web. This familial connection adds layers to the narrative, including Miller’s past relationship with White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who accused him of domestic violence.

As the Trump family throws its weight behind Bernie Moreno in Ohio’s Republican primary, the political landscape witnesses a confluence of strategic alliances, financial muscle, and familial ties.

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The quest to turn the Senate MAGA reflects broader power dynamics within the Republican party, with Ohio emerging as a battleground that could shape the Senate’s future. The outcome of this race will undoubtedly have ripple effects on the political trajectory leading up to the November polls.

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