A 13-year-old girl was badly injured in a shooting in Las Vegas, leaving 5 others dead

Authorities reported on Tuesday that a man who shot five people dead and seriously hurt a 13-year-old girl at several apartments close to Las Vegas has taken his own life.

According to the North Las Vegas Police Department, 47-year-old Eric Adams, the alleged shooter, committed suicide on Tuesday morning while being questioned by police in a neighborhood. Since the shootings in two different apartment buildings on Monday night, authorities had been looking for him.

The Associated Press attempted, but was not immediately successful in reaching Adams’s family members for comment.

When police were looking into allegations of a gunshot late on Monday at an apartment in North Las Vegas, they originally discovered two ladies dead. The department stated that one of them was in her early 40s and the other was in her late 50s.

According to the department, throughout the course of their investigation, police discovered that there might be additional casualties at a nearby apartment and that a teenage girl had been admitted to the hospital with serious gunshot wounds. According to authorities, the teenager was taken to UMC Trauma Center and is still in critical condition.

The bodies of a male in his early 20s and two women in their mid-20s were later discovered by the officers. According to officials, all five victims had been shot. The victims’ identities were not disclosed right away, and the authorities withheld information regarding whether the culprit and the victims were acquainted.

After learning of the discovery, authorities launched an overnight search for Adams, who they had deemed to be “armed and dangerous.”

Police discovered that the suspect had been spotted at a North Las Vegas company just after ten in the morning on Tuesday.

Officers on the scene observed the gun-wielding man sprinting into a neighboring home’s backyard. According to the department, the suspect was pursued by police, but he refused to put down his gun and committed suicide.

The purpose behind the shootings, which the police called a “isolated incident,” has not been revealed. When contacted by phone and email on Tuesday, a police department representative failed to provide additional information.

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