The Sheriff claims that a Florida guy kills his mother and 2 other women before he is shot by officers and dies

A Florida man shot and killed his mother and two other people he knew in different places, a sheriff said on Tuesday, and then he died in a confrontation with deputies hundreds of miles away.

Authorities named the gunman as 28-year-old Javontee Brice. Authorities suspect Brice killed the women on Monday night in Manatee County, which is south of Tampa. He was stopped by Hamilton County deputies on his way to Georgia to face an ex-girlfriend.

Brice fired a handgun during the stop, and the deputies shot him fatally, according to Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells during a press conference. The location of the other killings is roughly 240 miles (386 kilometers) distant from Hamilton County, which is near the Georgia border.

“He fired at the deputies after getting out of the car.” They opened fire back,” Wells remarked.

According to Wells, Brice’s mother was not the only victim—his cousin and another ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend’s female companion were the other two. Witnesses to the three gunshots recognized Brice as the murderer.

“We’re not sure what triggered him,” the sheriff declared. “We don’t understand his motivation for killing his loved ones. We might never find out.

The victims’ names were withheld for a while. The killings followed a string of shootings that occurred on the first weekend of summer and left numerous people injured or dead at an Arkansas grocery store, an Alabama party, and an Ohio entertainment district.

At first, according to Wells, Brice went to an apartment where his sister and his ex-girlfriend occupied. He threatened to kill the ex-girlfriend, but his sister dissuaded him by pointing out to the police that he was acting oddly.

According to Wells, Brice then proceeded to a motel where his 48-year-old mother, her two younger sisters, and her boyfriend were staying. There, he shot his mother three times in front of everyone else. The 29-year-old cousin was shot in a car after leaving a barbecue. Bradenton resident shot the third woman.

Wells stated that, as is customary in cases of officer-involved shootings, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will look into the activities of the Hamilton County deputies. There were no wounds to the deputies.

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