A Gunshot on a West Adams Metro train left 1 person dead

Following a gunshot on a Metro train in South Los Angeles’ West Adams neighborhood on Friday, one person is dead.

The Los Angeles Police Department said that it occurred at the JeffersonLa Cienega Station, which is situated in the 6600 block of Jefferson Boulevard, at approximately 7:20 p.m.

When the police came, they discovered that a guy in his 30s had been shot in the head and had died.

Three individuals who rode off on skateboards are the targets of their search.

“There’s some indication that there was possibly an altercation or fight here at the ground level and that the individuals ran upstairs on the platform and boarded a train that was here at the station,” stated LAPD Captain Jaime Bennett.

Metro has rerouted all E Line trains from the Culver City and La Brea stations due to the ongoing investigation.

above a dozen police officers were visible at the scene of the gunshot as they looked into the facts of the incident while SkyCal flew above it.

As of yet, no more details have been given.

The Greater Los Angeles area is seeing a rise in street violence that affects our public transportation networks. A Metro representative released a statement saying, “Metro offers its condolences to the victim’s family’s friends and family.”


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