A left-lane driving restriction and 2 other Florida proposals are vetoed by Governor DeSantis

Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed two measures on Friday, including one that would have prohibited left-lane “campers” on Florida highways. As a result, the proposals will not become law.

With a few exceptions, the bill, HB 317, would have made it illegal for drivers to travel in the left lane on any state road with two or more lanes and a posted speed limit of at least 65 mph.

Infringers might have been fined up to $158.

Earlier this year, HB 317 was approved by the Florida House and Senate nearly overwhelmingly. The bill’s supporters said that it would have increased highway safety and maintained lane clearance for oncoming traffic, thereby lowering annoyance and disturbances. Such statutes exist in at least eight states.

DeSantis, however, expressed concern that the law would make it possible for vehicles to be stopped and fined for using the left lane when they are not obstructing traffic.

In his veto letter, DeSantis stated that the bill “may potentially increase congestion in Florida’s urban areas as drivers may decide not to utilize the furthest left-hand lane at all for fear of being ticketed.”

SB 494, which would have forced colleges to waive examination requirements for servicemembers seeking to graduate programs, was also vetoed by DeSantis. In his veto letter, DeSantis acknowledged the commendable objective but insisted that standardized testing was an essential part of a “rigorous, merit-based admissions process.”

HB 821, the third bill that DeSantis vetoed, increased the maximum stormwater management user fees for residents in Brevard County’s Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District. DeSantis expressed his concern that it will result in increased costs for clients.


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