NYPD Looking for suspects in fatal shooting outside SoHo’s upscale retailers

Following a man’s shooting death outside a row of upscale boutiques in SoHo, police are looking for many suspects.

It happened right in front of Stone Island, an upscale clothing boutique, at Greene and Grand streets just before 5:30 a.m.

The victim, a 31-year-old man, was mugged by several individuals on the sidewalk before one of them shot him in the right thigh.

Javier Osorio-Mejia, a resident of Bayonne, was recognized as the victim. He was sent to Bellevue Hospital, where he eventually passed away.

In a black SUV, the suspects fled.

It’s possible that on Monday night, when passing through SoHo on his way back to Bayonne, the victim was out in Queens and somehow got into a conversation with the suspects.

Investigators think he was slain in what seemed to be a botched robbery. Beside a Range Rover, there were green sneakers and bloodstained clothing on the ground.

Individuals who were reporting for work later in the morning were taken aback.

“Pretty shocked that this is happening, I haven’t experienced this before,” Hannah Crary remarked. “North of Canal things tend to get pretty high-rent, so it’s a little shocking.”

In an effort to find surveillance footage of the suspects, police are searching all of the nearby buildings and businesses.

This year, SoHo has seen just one additional gunshot. 16-year-old Makhi Brown was shot and died on May 5th, allegedly for breaking up an argument.

According to the NYPD, SoHo has seen 12 robberies so far this year.

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