Police are looking for a convicted felon in Fort Myers on drug charges

Police are looking for a man from Fort Myers who broke the terms of his release by having drugs on him.

Police in Southwest Florida say Ramon Martinez, 47, broke the law again after being on state probation for 11 days.

Martinez was a passenger in a car that was pulled up for speeding, according to Crime Stoppers. Officers noticed a marijuana odor coming from the automobile.

Martinez’s shoe contained a stash of meth and cocaine. There was also a one-year-old in the vehicle.

Martinez was convicted and sentenced to prison. Probation was imposed upon him.

He has been charged with 53 counts of theft, fraud, property damage, grand theft auto, and drugs 21 times before.

Martinez weighs 165 pounds and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. He will be detained without bond following his arrest. (News Source)

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