A Florida man is accused of taking dirt valued at $3,000

An arrest report stated that one man’s intentions were ruined when he was caught taking 15 truckload of dirt, which was estimated to be worth $3,000.

Lee County officers were called to 856 Anaconda Avenue in Lehigh Acres on Monday morning after a victim reported that fifteen truckloads of soil had gone missing.

According to the arrest report, Dimitri Alexander Alvarado, 33, gave his machine operator instructions to clear the property of dirt.

The victim, who works as a field operations supervisor for the Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District, claimed that when one of his staff members arrived, eight or ten trucks were there and seemed to be prepared to have dirt loaded into them.

The report stated that the supervisor claimed he didn’t see the personnel attempting to move the soil and that there was no authority because getting a contract takes two to three months.

Approximately $3,000. Each truck of dirt cost $200, according to deputies.

After being detained, Alvarado was accused with grand theft (involving more than $750 but less than $5,000). The Lee County Jail received him. (News Source)

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