The Mother of a guy who was tragically stabbed close to USC wants the DA to reevaluate charging

The woman who was stabbed close to USC’s Greek Row is calling for justice and wants the district attorney to rethink his choice to not press charges.

Investigators said that Xavier Jerrod Cerf was tragically stabbed on Monday after a few students attempted to stop him from stealing a car behind a fraternity home.

According to investigators, Cerf grabbed for his waistband and informed the man he was facing that he was armed. At that moment, Ivan Gallegos, a student at USC, grabbed his hand and stabbed him in the chest.

DA Investigators, according to George Gascón, concluded that Gallegos was acting to defend himself and others out of true fear for his life.

Later on, investigators discovered Cerf was not carrying a gun.

Yema Jones, Cerf’s mother, is in Houston, some 1,500 miles away from the scene of the tragedy.

She stated that her main goal is to return her son’s body to Texas, his birthplace.

“I haven’t had time to grieve because my mind is going on what I need to do to get my son here,” Jones stated. “Away from the people who hurt him.”

According to Jones, her son is a boy’s father, age three.

Now, the family is wearing purple bracelets that read “LLX”—which stands for “long live Xavier.”

Cerf’s mother disputes the police’s claim that she is homeless.

“I want his name to be spoken. Xavier Jerrod Cerf is his name. He wasn’t a man on the streets. He was a homeowner.”

Jones is requesting that the case be given another look. She objects to the self-defense conclusion, pointing out that the students approached Cerf initially.

“What was it you were protecting? You defend yourself against someone who is pursuing you in order to prevent them from hurting you. Not you going to hurt the individual there.”

According to Jones, her son, 27, was just let go from a mental health facility.

“I’m going to fight for justice for what’s mine,” she stated. “so he can get enough sleep. as he wasn’t worthy of that.”


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