Pennsylvanian parents who attempt to save their children in Florida rip current drown

Local officials in Florida have reported that a couple from Pennsylvania sadly perished in an ocean rip current on Thursday while on vacation with their six children.

When the tragedy happened, Downingtown residents Brian Warter, 51, and his girlfriend Erica Wishard, 48, were on Hutchinson Island, which is located along Florida’s southeast coast, with their kids.

The family was swimming when two of their teenage children were swept into the water, and the parents tried to aid, according to the local Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a Facebook post from the sheriff’s office, the parents were left submerged in the water while the adolescents eventually succeeded in freeing themselves from the stream.

Investigators said, “The kids were able to break the current and tried to help their parents, but it got too dangerous and they had to swim ashore.”

Before taking them to the hospital, Martin County Ocean Rescue made a quick response and tried to save their lives. The sheriff’s office verified that the two adults, despite their best attempts, were later declared deceased.

Prior to the incident on Thursday, the National Weather Service office in Melbourne issued a “high risk” of rip currents along the coast, and red flags at the beach indicated severe surf conditions.

Many individuals are locals, and they are aware of rip tides. Martin County Chief Deputy John Budensiek told WPTV West Palm Beach in a statement, “They know what to do, what not to do.” “Unfortunately, some of the vacationers that come in have bad experiences. It is impossible to reach every one of them with the message. source

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