1 Person dies and 10 are injured when a power boat crashes into the Long Beach jetty

The Alamitos Bay jetty in Long Beach was struck by a 48-foot power boat on Wednesday night, resulting in one fatality and other injuries.

When the Long Beach Fire Department arrived to the scene at 9:21 p.m., they discovered 11 persons there, including a man in his 50s who had perished in the collision.

According to Capt. Jack Crabtree of the Long Beach Fire Department, seven patients in need of advanced care were brought to hospitals by Long Beach Fire paramedics, while three additional patients were taken there by EMTs.

According to Crabtree, speed played a probable role in the mishap. According to preliminary estimations, the boat was moving at 40 mph, but the precise speed will be known until the inquiry is finished, he said.

Further details regarding the crash’s cause have not been made public by the authorities.

An investigation is underway into the incident. LAtimes reported.

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