Hendry County Road finally receives safety improvements following a fatal hit-and-run in 2023

Austin Schargorodski of Fox 4 has written several pieces concerning Case Road’s safety in LaBelle.

He works to ensure that your opinions are heard, and after a hit-and-run accident there claimed the life of an adolescent, the calls for reform became more and more strident. The county is now paying attention and acting upon it.

A wayside memorial serves as a constant reminder of the suffering endured by the Escobedo family, who have traveled a long and winding path to get at this moment. “It’s pretty difficult because we’re all trying to be together as a family, but it’s not as easy when we know that we’re not whole,” said Selina Barron, Eduardo’s aunt. “It’s not as easy when we know that we’re not all complete.”

A hit-and-run driver killed Eduardo Escobedo as he was riding his bike on Case Road. One of Barron’s best recollections of Eduardo dancing during his mother’s birthday celebration was captured on camera. She thinks that if this route had been safer, he would still be alive.

“Unfortunately, some of these drivers – before or after this tragedy death – it hasn’t made a change, there’s people that really don’t care,” Barron stated.

The problem was originally brought to light in September of last year after several neighbors complained that cars were driving too fast and that the route wasn’t safe. The neighborhood and Eduardo’s family met with county officials in October to request roadway illumination and speed bumps.

“We all have kids, so we have to change,” Eduardo’s aunt Laura Escobedo remarked.

Then, there was a shift: the county put cameras on Case Road in November, which the locals perceived as a positive move.

“I’m thankful to see them, for both the people’s safety and the safety of the road,” LaBelle resident Gregory Strickland said.

Seven months later, the commissioners of Hendry County have made the decision to proceed with the installation of speed bumps and street lights on Case Road. Barron expressed her gratitude that their voices have finally been heard and acknowledged that she believes Eduardo is proud of them for working so hard to achieve this.

“The change that we’re doing is for the community, it’s for other families and anyone that comes down these roads or is going through a situation like this – I think it’s very important for you to speak up and find the help,” she stated.

The commissioners of Hendry County stated that they anticipate approving the street lighting and speed bump design designs in July.(News Source)

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