Unsolved Mystery Surrounds the Tragic Death of 14-Year-Old in Schenectady

A Year After, Family Still Seeks Answers for Teen’s Unsolved Death

On February 22, the painful anniversary of Samantha Humphrey’s disappearance, the Humphrey family reflects on the lasting impact of the tragedy that unfolded a year ago. Samantha’s lifeless body was discovered in the Mohawk River nearly three months after she went missing in Schenectady, New York.

Jeff Humphrey, Sam’s father, vividly recalls the surreal world they inhabited as they desperately searched for Samantha. The hope of her safe return gradually diminished, leaving the family grappling with the harsh reality of their loss. Jeff reflects, “It’s just blank after that; I remember what happened, but it’s like the surreal world we were living in where she was missing just got that much more outer space.”

As the weeks turned into months, the family’s initial hope began to dwindle. Jeff shares, “Did we have hope that was crushed? I know my sister did, I know other family members did. I had a fantasy hope that I would’ve loved for her to walk in the door at any second.”

Nica Joy, Samantha’s aunt, had envisioned a future where Sam would go to college and live with her in Syracuse after high school. However, Sam’s untimely death has left Nica’s future uncertain. Nica grapples with the challenge of living life as Samantha would have wanted, finding a new normal, and seeking a way to be okay.

She says, “Some moments I feel very determined to live life how I know she would want me to. I know she would want us to find a piece the best we can, she would want us to find a new normal, a way to be okay, but it’s tough to do that.”

Schenectady Police are actively investigating Samantha’s death, but there have been no recent updates on the case. While the lack of answers is frustrating, the family remains hopeful for closure. Jeff reveals, “The coping for me is things like these interviews, the coping is things like the billboards.

We continue to work to increase the reward. The coping is to try and pry something loose in ways that are legal, legitimate, sensible.”

A Year After, Family Still Seeks Answers for Teen's Unsolved Death

In their quest for justice, the family has turned to billboards and a Facebook page managed by Nica Joy. These platforms serve as a means to keep Samantha’s memory alive and garner support from the local community. Despite the challenges they face, the family remains determined to find answers.

Jeff shares, “It’s those billboards and a Facebook page run by Joy that keep Sam’s memory alive and garner support from the local community.”

Two birthdays have passed since Samantha’s disappearance. This month, she would have celebrated her 16th birthday. Jeff reflects on the moments that could have been, saying, “It only occurred to me the other day that I’d be fighting with the car, she’d be like ‘I want to take the car out,’ and I would’ve been like, ‘Oh boy let’s go.’ It would’ve been joyful to give her that independence.”

Nica Joy remembers the vibrant qualities that defined Samantha, “She was so funny, silly, sweet, and smart, and those are the qualities I miss the most.”

The family is urging anyone with information about Samantha Humphrey’s death to come forward. As the investigation continues behind the scenes, the family remains hopeful that someone with crucial information will step forward, providing the closure they desperately seek.

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In the face of unimaginable loss, the Humphrey family continues their tireless pursuit of justice for Samantha, ensuring that her memory lives on and that those responsible for her death are held accountable.

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