Canadian Company Bringing Jobs and Sustainable Innovation to Saratoga County!

Canadian Company Bringing Jobs and Sustainable Innovation to Saratoga County!

In a transformative development for Saratoga County, Canadian water management company Soleno is poised to become a global sustainable manufacturing powerhouse with its upcoming facility in Saratoga Springs.

Representing a $22 million investment, the 45,000-square-foot plant is currently under construction in the WJ Grande Industrial Park, with the potential to generate between 35 and 50 jobs for the region.

Soleno specializes in producing large-diameter pipes using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), offering sustainable alternatives for water management infrastructure projects. Beyond being a pipe manufacturer, Soleno distinguishes itself as a circular economy business, owning two recycling facilities and utilizing 95% post-consumer recycled content in its traditional corrugated pipes.

A significant aspect of Soleno’s strategy involves disruptive innovation, demonstrated by its acquisition of German Krah Pipes technology in 2022. This advanced technology enables the forthcoming Saratoga County plant to manufacture pipes up to 13 feet in diameter, positioning Soleno as a leader in the evolving pipes market.

The selection of Saratoga County as the plant’s location is strategic. The region’s aging water infrastructure and its proximity to major transportation routes, including I-87 and the Thruway, make it an ideal choice. Located approximately 200 miles from major cities like New York, Boston, and Montreal, Soleno sees an opportunity to tap into a market with a significant population and extensive infrastructure.

Canadian Company Bringing Jobs and Sustainable Innovation to Saratoga County!

Soleno acknowledges New York’s historical role as a hub for early adopters of new and sustainable technologies. The company’s move to the state aligns with its objective of introducing disruptive innovations into the pipes market while capitalizing on a market that values eco-friendly advancements.

Despite the challenges posed by taxes and regulations, Soleno embraces the opportunity to be a corporate citizen of the region, aiming to give back to the community. The company views these challenges as a chance to have better access to labor and gain a unique position in comparison to competitors.

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Soleno’s positive engagement with the local community is evident through its participation in a recent job fair held by Quad Graphics, a company closing its Saratoga Springs plant. Discussions are underway for Soleno to potentially hire workers impacted by the closure, offering an alternative employment avenue for those affected by recent manufacturing shifts in the region.

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