Community Unites to Rescue Beloved NYC Dog Café Boris & Horton from Closure

Community Unites to Rescue Beloved NYC Dog Café Boris & Horton from Closure

New York City’s first dog café, Boris & Horton, is facing the heartbreaking closure of both its East Village and Williamsburg locations, scheduled for Monday, Feb. 26. Owner Logan Mikhly expressed her disappointment, describing the announcement as a low point in the cafe’s six-year history.

However, the local community has rallied together in an inspiring show of support, demonstrating that the cafe holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The announcement of the closure prompted an outpouring of stories from patrons who shared the significant moments they experienced at Boris & Horton. From first dates to starting businesses, the cafe had become a beloved East Village “staple,” fostering a sense of community and openness.

Even amidst the financial struggles the cafe had been facing, customers were unaware of the challenges behind the scenes.

Boris & Horton, known for its unique dog-friendly environment, was not just a place for humans but also served as a haven for dogs. The cafe provided a space for socialization, play, and extra attention for dogs while their owners worked remotely. Dogs acted as catalysts for conversation, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere that set Boris & Horton apart from other places in New York City.

Financial challenges, including delays in obtaining a beer and wine permit for the Williamsburg location and unexpected canine-related issues during the holiday season, had been mounting. The decision to officially announce the closure was made a week and a half ago, prompting loyal patrons to express their willingness to spend more and offer support.

The cafe’s struggles were met with a profound response from the community.

Amanda Gerzog, a digital marketer and dedicated customer, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the cafe’s staff, raising over $20,000 within a week. Recognizing the financial difficulties, Gerzog and other patrons offered their assistance, emphasizing the cafe’s role as a significant and cherished part of their lives for over six years.

Community Unites to Rescue Beloved NYC Dog Café Boris & Horton from Closure

Undeterred by the looming closure, Mikhly and her father, Coppy Holzman, launched a fundraising campaign that generated an impressive $70,000 in a single day. Additionally, they commissioned local artists to create merchandise for subscription boxes, allowing customers to contribute to the cause and receive monthly items in return.

While the $250,000 goal may not prevent the cafe’s doors from closing on Monday, Mikhly and Holzman hope that the funds raised will provide a strong revenue stream for future business planning. The plan is to use the closure period for refurbishing, including deep cleaning, painting, and addressing other improvements. The goal is to create an insurance plan for Boris & Horton’s future viability.

As the fate of Boris & Horton hangs in the balance, loyal customer Gerzog acknowledged the significant impact the cafe’s closure would have on the East Village. Whether the closure is temporary or permanent, it rests on the continued support of the public.

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Despite the challenges, Mikhly and Holzman express their gratitude for the heartening demonstration of community solidarity, even if the fundraiser doesn’t fully avert the closure. The cafe’s legacy, built on six and a half years of community connection, will leave a lasting imprint on the East Village.

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