LaQuetta Alexander-Ellis: A Remarkable Woman Making a Difference

LaQuetta Alexander-Ellis: A Remarkable Woman Making a Difference

In Albany, New York, LaQuetta Alexander-Ellis stands out as a beacon of inspiration, channeling her passion for teaching into a transformative force for aspiring healthcare professionals. The founder and CEO of Practice 2 Perfect, LaQuetta’s journey is one marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to making a difference.

From early childhood, LaQuetta’s inclination towards teaching manifested in games played in her bedroom, assuming the role of an educator. As she matured, her love for teaching intertwined with a newfound interest in the healthcare field, leading her to a pivotal decision: teach what she loves.

Practice 2 Perfect, LaQuetta’s brainchild, is an educational platform catering to the aspirations of those venturing into healthcare. Offering courses in phlebotomy, EKG training, medical assistance, medical administrative assistance, and CPR, LaQuetta’s vision took shape even in the face of adversity.

Despite launching in early 2020, right as the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, she persevered, initiating virtual classes from her kitchen.

The challenges of the pandemic didn’t hinder LaQuetta’s dedication. Virtual classes evolved into a pioneering approach using virtual reality, enabling students to simulate critical healthcare tasks. From checking blood pressure to performing CPR, this innovative method brought hands-on experience even in a remote setting.

LaQuetta’s impact extends beyond the traditional classroom, reaching inmates at the Schenectady County Correctional Facility. Eager to learn and reintegrate into society, these individuals find in LaQuetta a mentor providing them with a second chance. It’s a testament to her belief that everyone deserves an opportunity for a fresh start.

However, LaQuetta’s aspirations go beyond education. Her vision includes owning a dedicated facility for Practice 2 Perfect, incorporating a daycare center, fitness area, and food pantry. This holistic approach aims to address the comprehensive needs of her students, fostering an environment that nurtures not only careers but individuals.

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Behind LaQuetta’s remarkable journey stands a robust support system – her family. From her husband to her daughter, on the path to becoming a forensic nurse, each plays a vital role. Yet, it’s the memory of her late grandmother that fuels LaQuetta’s determination. A self-proclaimed “grandma’s girl,” she cherishes the words of encouragement from her grandmother, urging her to persist and make her proud.

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