March 10, 2024: Brace for Gusts and Snowy Surprises!

March 10, 2024: Brace for Gusts and Snowy Surprises!

Amidst the meteorological fluctuations of the weekend, the Tri-Cities region experienced a notable transition from steady precipitation to gusty winds and intermittent snow showers. The departure of the steady precipitation on Sunday marked the end of a wet spell, with the day turning out drier than its predecessor as a robust weather system made its exit.

Winds intensified in the afternoon, heralding the arrival of another frontal boundary that ushered in snow showers to certain areas.

Overnight observations revealed observed rainfall amounts exceeding an inch, with isolated pockets accumulating up to 2 inches of rain. Particularly in higher elevations, precipitation took the form of heavy, wet snow, resulting in accumulations. The ten spots experiencing the heaviest rainfall since Tuesday painted a vivid picture of the prolonged wet stretch the region endured.

Although the region is now done with widespread precipitation, additional snowfall is anticipated into early Monday, with Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories still in effect. This indicates the potential for plowable snow and disruptions to the Monday morning commute.

Gusty winds are set to be a notable feature of Monday’s weather, with Wind Advisories expanded and gusts of up to 55 MPH expected. Almost the entire region has a chance for a quick coating of snow, and areas under winter weather alerts will likely experience more prolonged snowfall, impacting the Monday morning commute.

March 10, 2024: Brace for Gusts and Snowy Surprises!

Temperatures are expected to struggle to reach the 30s, and wind chill values will plummet into the teens and 20s.

While the majority of the Tri-Cities region is predicted to receive only a coating of snow, upslope areas near the mountains will likely witness more substantial accumulations. The valleys are expected to see minimal snowfall due to temperatures staying above freezing throughout the event, with Albany anticipated to drop to 31 degrees overnight.

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Looking ahead to midweek, Wednesday stands out as the pick of the week, offering a respite from precipitation under partly sunny skies. Thursday is expected to be pleasant, though late-day clouds and the potential for a few showers may temper the mood. As the weekend approaches, rain chances increase, but the milder temperatures are expected to persist.

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