NYSP Ramps Up Efforts to Stop Drunk Driving This St. Patrick’s Day!

NYSP Ramps Up Efforts to Stop Drunk Driving This St. Patrick’s Day!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, New York State is ramping up its efforts to crack down on reckless driving, particularly targeting impaired drivers. Governor Kathy Hochul has announced increased patrols by the New York State Police and local law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of all celebrants during this festive period.

Last year’s statistics reveal the efficacy of such measures, with nearly 1,000 individuals arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) and close to 200 tickets issued for distracted driving. Moreover, speeding violations numbered close to 5,000, highlighting the need for stringent enforcement measures.

This year, motorists can expect an enhanced presence of law enforcement personnel, with a particular focus on DWI patrols and sobriety checkpoints. Alongside efforts to combat impaired driving, authorities will also be vigilant in deterring distracted driving, thereby ensuring the safety of all road users.

Governor Hochul emphasizes the importance of responsible celebration, urging individuals to plan and arrange for a designated driver if consuming alcohol.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and the New York State Police advocate for several safety measures, including planning a safe means of transportation before partaking in festivities, designating a sober driver before consuming alcohol, and utilizing taxi services, ridesharing apps, or public transportation if impaired.

NYSP Ramps Up Efforts to Stop Drunk Driving This St. Patrick’s Day!

Community sober ride programs are also recommended if available, and individuals are encouraged to report suspected drunk drivers to local law enforcement.

In addition to traditional safety measures, technology plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe holiday celebration. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee offers the “Have A Plan” mobile app, enabling users to locate and call taxi services, as well as program designated drivers.

The app also provides essential information on DWI laws and penalties, empowering individuals to make informed decisions regarding their safety.

Acting New York State Police Superintendent Steven James underscores the collective responsibility in ensuring road safety during St. Patrick’s Day festivities. With zero tolerance for impaired and reckless driving, law enforcement agencies are committed to safeguarding lives on the road.

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As New Yorkers prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it is imperative to prioritize safety and responsible behavior. Through collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, government initiatives, and individual responsibility, a safe and enjoyable holiday can be ensured for all. Let us celebrate responsibly and contribute to making our roadways safer for everyone.

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