Koch's Conservative Backers Pull Financial Support from Haley's Campaign

Koch’s Conservative Backers Pull Financial Support from Haley’s Campaign

In the aftermath of Nikki Haley’s disappointing performance in the South Carolina primary, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFP Action), the political arm of Charles Koch’s conservative network, has announced a cessation of financial support for Haley’s presidential campaign.

This decision conveyed through a memo dated February 25 to AFP Action staff, signifies a strategic reallocation of resources as the group reevaluates its priorities in the current political landscape.

The memo, authored by senior adviser Emily Seidel, underscores the need to assess their position post-South Carolina primary while intensifying Senate engagements.

Seidel stated, “It’s time to take stock of where we are and — as we always do — make sure we’re optimizing our resources for maximum impact towards our goals.” While AFP Action continues to endorse Nikki Haley, the focus will now pivot towards U.S. Senate and House races.

This development follows AFP Action’s endorsement of Haley’s presidential bid in November, a noteworthy departure for the group, which had previously refrained from endorsing a Republican candidate in a presidential primary.

The group’s dissatisfaction with both former President Trump and President Biden was evident, as they argued that both would perpetuate the country’s political decline.

The decision to halt funding for Haley’s campaign poses additional challenges for the former United Nations ambassador. Having suffered a substantial loss in her home state of South Carolina, where Trump secured victory by almost 20 points, Haley’s path to the Republican nomination appears increasingly arduous.

The withdrawal of financial support from a prominent conservative group further complicates her political journey, emphasizing the struggle to gain momentum against Trump’s significant lead.

Despite these setbacks, Haley remains resolute in her bid for the nomination, citing disapproval ratings for both Biden and Trump. National spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas acknowledged the support of AFP, stating, “AFP is a great organization and ally in the fight for freedom and conservative government.

Koch's Conservative Backers Pull Financial Support from Haley's Campaign

We thank them for their tremendous help in this race.” Perez-Cubas also highlighted grassroots conservative contributions, signaling Haley’s intent to continue the campaign with increased financial support.

Looking ahead, political analysts are likely to scrutinize the broader implications of AFP Action’s decision on Haley’s campaign. The memo suggests that the group perceives limited influence in altering the trajectory of Haley’s chances in the upcoming primary states.

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As Haley battles primary losses and positions herself as a candidate for change, the dynamics of the Republican primary race are evolving rapidly.

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