Schenectady Author Shares Domestic Violence Story to Inspire Others

Schenectady Author Shares Domestic Violence Story to Inspire Others

In Schenectady, Gina Cruz, a determined author, is on a mission to empower others through the poignant retelling of her domestic violence survival story. Her journey began at the age of 13, when she discovered her passion for writing, unknowingly setting the stage for a lifeline during one of the darkest periods of her life – a tumultuous relationship marked by abuse.

Despite initial denial, Cruz found the strength to leave, supported by her children, and used her writing as both a refuge and a catalyst for change.

Motivated by her own experiences, Cruz authored “Crime of Passion, When Love Begins to Hurt, Run,” an urban fiction novel loosely based on her struggles. This transformative journey from victim to author is not only a reflection of her resilience but also a testament to the healing power of storytelling.

Unexpectedly, her works found a place on the shelves of Barnes & Noble at Colonie Center, where she works out of her love for books. The recognition she received serves as a tangible representation of her journey from adversity to triumph.

For Cruz, writing became a lifesaver, providing an outlet for her emotions and a means to confront the harsh realities she had endured. As her books gain visibility in local bookstores, she reflects on the transformative power of words, acknowledging the significant progress made.

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From being a victim of domestic violence, Cruz has emerged as an advocate for change, using her story to inspire and empower others silently grappling with similar challenges. Her narrative stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to break the silence surrounding domestic violence and embark on a journey toward healing and empowerment.

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