Vice & Virtue Unveils its Doors in Schenectady

Vice & Virtue Unveils its Doors in Schenectady

A new culinary destination has arrived in Schenectady with the opening of Vice & Virtue, a vibrant restaurant and cocktail bar now situated in the former location of Pinhead Susan’s on North Broadway. This establishment promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a blend of classic cocktails and innovative cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

Crafted by expert mixologists, Vice & Virtue presents an array of specialty cocktails that cater to various tastes. From timeless classics like old-fashioned and New York sours to inventive twists on favorites such as Manhattans, each drink is expertly prepared using premium spirits and fresh ingredients, ensuring a memorable drinking experience for guests.

Complementing the drinks is a diverse menu featuring both familiar favorites and inventive creations. Appetizer options include tantalizing dishes like crab and squash fritters, as well as succulent wings perfect for sharing.

For those seeking a hearty meal, the dinner menu boasts an array of options ranging from salads and burgers to steaks, chicken riggies, and a variety of seafood dishes. Each dish is expertly prepared using high-quality ingredients, ensuring a dining experience that is as satisfying as it is memorable.

Hospitality is paramount at Vice & Virtue, where the staff is committed to providing guests with an exceptional dining experience from start to finish. Whether patrons are celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out with friends, they can expect attentive service and warm hospitality that sets Vice & Virtue apart from other dining establishments in the area.

Vice & Virtue Unveils its Doors in Schenectady

To ensure a seamless dining experience, Vice & Virtue offers convenient online reservations for guests. Whether planning a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with friends and family, patrons can easily secure their table in advance, allowing them to focus on enjoying their time at this esteemed establishment.

Operating Tuesday through Saturday, Vice & Virtue provides ample opportunities for patrons to indulge in its culinary delights. Additionally, the restaurant will also open its doors on Sunday and Monday evenings when events are scheduled at Proctors, providing patrons with even more opportunities to experience its exceptional offerings.

With its enticing blend of craft cocktails, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality, Vice & Virtue is poised to become a beloved culinary destination in Schenectady and beyond.

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Whether seeking a memorable dining experience or simply looking to unwind with a well-crafted cocktail, patrons are invited to experience all that Vice & Virtue has to offer. Make your reservation today and discover why this new establishment is garnering rave reviews from diners and critics alike.

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