Upstate New York Brew Takes the Global Stage as One of the World's Best!

Upstate New York Brew Takes the Global Stage as One of the World’s Best!

In a notable recognition of the thriving local craft beer scene, Fidens Brewing Company, located at 897 Broadway in Albany, has received global acclaim with its Illuminating Serenity named among the 11 best beers in the world by Bloomberg.

This double New England IPA has garnered a dedicated following, and its exceptional taste captured the discerning palate of Tony Rehagen, an expert beer connoisseur for Bloomberg.

Rehagen’s quest for unique beers took him on a global journey, exploring craft beer scenes in Greece, Peru, and Italy. It was during these travels that he stumbled upon a can of Fidens’ Illuminating Serenity at Tales of Ales, a shop near Varvakios Central Municipal Market in Europe.

The 16-ounce brew came with a price tag of $22, and Rehagen savored the experience on the rooftop terrace of his Airbnb, overlooking the illuminated Acropolis against the Greek sunset. The moment was, according to him, worth every cent, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the beer’s name, Illuminating Serenity.

Fidens Brewing Company’s recognition on Bloomberg’s esteemed list holds particular significance as it stands as the sole New York-brewed beer to receive this prestigious honor.

Upstate New York Brew Takes the Global Stage as One of the World's Best!

The brewery, situated in Upstate New York, has cultivated a devoted following with its weekly can releases, and Illuminating Serenity now stands as a beacon, drawing international attention to the excellence of the region’s craft beer offerings.

For those keen on exploring the diverse world of craft beers, ciders, and seltzers, the Binghamton on Tap Craft Beer Festival offers an unmissable opportunity. With over 50 New York breweries participating, this festival, scheduled for Saturday, March 23, at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in downtown Binghamton, promises a unique tasting experience for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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The festival provides two ticket options to cater to different preferences. VIP tickets offer four hours of sampling, along with additional perks, providing an enhanced tasting experience. General admission tickets, on the other hand, allow for three hours of sampling, making it accessible for those looking to explore the richness and creativity of New York’s craft beer scene.

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